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5 Steps to an Efficient Social Media Strategy for Your Hustle

Marketing in 2020 is completely different from when I was growing up. I remember needing to knock on every door through the neighborhood trying to sell shit in this catalog. I always choose the money over the prizes, me working for toys didn’t make sense to me. Then there was print, radio, and TV advertising. The newly to hustle is social media marketing, and it seems like it’s here to stay.

Over 60% of adults worldwide utilize social media in some form. Over a billion people use Facebook each month. Twitter draws 500,000 users each month. TikTok does 500 million and Linkden does 303 million users every month. Therefore, every hustler, every business owner & entrepreneur might want to consider taking advantage of social media marketing.

Follow this hustler’s plan to get started with pimping social media marketing:

 Define your goals and target customers. Goals are always important because they make you think about where you are and where you eventually want to be. 

  • What are your goals? Are you trying to drive more customers to your funnel (website)? Do you want to boost the presence of your brand? Are you trying to share become an affiliate? Do you want to communicate more with your customers? Are you trying to market and sell products directly?
  • Once you set some specific, measurable goals, decide on how you want to prioritize them. The most important goal comes first! Remember to set deadlines for each goal. If you are having trouble with Time Managment join the Hustlers 20/20 Vision
  • Know who you are talking to. Your marketing will be different if your typical customer is a 23 year-old single male than it would be for a 35 year-old mother.
  • ​Remember to use a platform that’s suitable to your target demographic. For example, Facebook is popular with women and young adults. Men over 30 are not an active group on Facebook. TikTok is completely for the under 25 generation and Linkden is for business minded individuals.

 Know the different media platforms. Become an expert and learn about the available platforms. Figure out which platforms will reach the audience you are seeking. Choose wisely to maximize the use of your time and money. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON ADS OR BOOST until you have a strategy. 

  • Facebook. As mentioned, Facebook is big with women and young adults. A Facebook profile is free and easy to set up. However, the ad space can be expensive.

  • LinkedIn. You’ll mostly find business professionals and entrepreneurs here. Again, it’s free to join. This is a great place to do some FREE networking.
  • Twitter. Although originally targeted at everyone, Twitter tends to draw celebrities or those with a big following. However, the audience is expanding. Twitter users are mostly educated, young adults, and there are slightly more female users than males. 
  • Everything else. The point is to become aware of the many platforms and the groups who use them. Do some research!

 Figure shit out first, hustle with a plan. Develop a plan for your content. Figure out the type of content you’ll use and how frequently you’ll post it.

  • What type of content will you post? What format will you use to share your content? Written posts? Videos? Audio files? I like to use Canva for my graphics

  • Determine the frequency. Then be reliable and consistent. The more frequently you post content the better, provided the information is relevant to your customers. Set a schedule and stick to it. Random posting can make you look unprofessional.

Create your actual presence. After choosing your platforms and creating your content plan, it’s time to get busy building your online brand.

  • Only create profiles that you will use. Maximize your time by only choosing platforms where you’ll regularly add content. 

  • Create a full, complete profile on each platform. Take the time to make your company look professional and remember to include links to your funnel!
  • ​Get out there, follow, and connect with others. Avoid setting up accounts and then forgetting about them. Participate in the online communities on Facebook & Linkdeln. If you want people to follow you, follow them first.

  • ​Be reactive. If someone makes a comment or asks a question, respond!

 Maintain, maintain, maintain. It’s important to stay on top of social media. Spending a few minutes to log on each day is a great idea. Follow 20 new people and comment on 20 other post, and like 20 post of someone else’s profile each day. Also, ensure your content is posted on schedule.

Creating a social media presence isn’t difficult, but it takes some time and planning. Complete the necessary research before you begin building your presence. Your time will be well spent, and the results can be significant.

It’s important to be consistent. Followers cast dead profiles aside. Give them meaningful content on a regular basis. Use social media to your advantage and watch your business grow.

You Are A Hustle Away, Don’t Quit 

The 10 First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Buying your first home can be tricky business, as the show Property Virgins demonstrates every Tuesday night at 8 pm. It's an emotional process which anyone making such a large purchase needs to try to be ready for, but probably never will be ready for until they go through it. There are common mistakes that first-time home buyers often make that perhaps I can help you to avoid if you're reading this.

 1) Expecting Too Much Bitting Off More Than You Can Afford - You cannot expect, unless you are wealthy, to purchase your dream home the first time you buy a house. It is likely you are just beginning so you'll purchase a starter home that's good enough and within your budget. This allows you to build equity so that later you can purchase a bigger and better home when you really need it. I would also advise buying a Quadplex, Triplex or Duplex. As long as you stay under 4 units you can still use a FHA loan. 1 or 2 units will pay the mortgage, while you live in another and the rest is profit.

 2) Start By Understanding Your Market - Each community has a different housing market climate. Some areas have houses which are just sitting on the market collecting dust for over a year or more. In others, they're being snatched up within hours of hitting the market. Understand what it's like where you live.

 3) Not Seeking Advice from a Mortgage Broker - A broker is separate from your real estate agent. You should go to them first before you even start the buying process. Let them check your credit and get you a preapproval letter, which you give to the real estate agent as assurance to them that you can actually buy a house. If there is a problem with your credit, a good broker will tell you what to do to fix it. If your credit is fine, they'll tell you what to do to keep it that way.

 4) Not Using the Services of an Experienced Buyer's Agent- A buyer's agent is someone who works on your behalf as the buyer to get you the best deal. If you look at houses that a particular realtor has listed, it is likely that they will try to get you to buy at the highest possible price to increase their commission. If your agent does not work to get you the best deal then get another agent. 

 5) Not Understanding What They Can Really Afford - What the bank says you can afford and what you can really afford will be two different things. Aside from the cost of the mortgage, you should factor in the cost of private mortgage insurance (PMI), taxes, insurance, utilities and mishaps & more. Your broker can provide a list of expenses that will be included in your monthly payments. You should not be more than 40% over your total monthly income to pay for a house.

 6) Not Working on Their Credit before Entering the Process - Before you even think about going to a broker to get preapproved, take some time to work on your credit. Don't purchase things on credit, pay down debt, and show that you can handle revolving credit. Don't be late on any payments, even your cell phone bill & student loans. Save every penny you can and do not make any big purchases. Utilize budgeting apps like Every Dollar or Mint

 7) Thinking Bank Owned Properties Are Affordable- While it looks cool & seems easy on HGTV to watch the flippers buy a bank owned property and flip it, it's not that easy. Once you're locked into a bank owned transaction, it could take months and even a year. Plus, in some cases homeowners have a year to get the property back even after you buy it.

 8) Getting too Excited in Front of the Seller's Agent - When you go to open houses, don't act too excited if you do find your dream house. Take pictures if you're allowed, stay calm and be non-committal, then call your buyer's agent to help you with the deal. REMEMBER the selling agent is not your friend and a buyers agent must be. NEVER work a deal directly with the Selling Agent. 

 9) Skipping Inspections - While inspections are an added expense, and money you can't get back even if the transaction goes south, they are very important. Usually the inspection process starts after you've made an offer on the house and can cost from $250 or more depending on the size of the house and what you're having inspected. NEVER GET A PROPERTY WITHOUT AN INSPECTION 

If anyone else has had an inspection recently and the seller has a copy of it and is willing to let you see it, you can choose to use that one, but don't skip without knowing what you're getting into. A couple hundred down the tubes is a lot better than $400,000 down the tube.

 10) Not Researching Neighborhoods-  - Before you even start calling your realtor, once you have your preapproval you should do some of your own legwork using sites like, and others to look at houses in the areas you want to live. This will help you avoid sticker shock, and even tells you what they think the house is worth compared to what other houses are selling for in the area. I like to look at the last 3 years and see how much of an increase the property has gone up consecutively.

Understanding the factors that go into play to purchase a house will help you avoid many first-time home buyer mistakes. The important thing is to keep your cool, not expect too much and when you are delivered your dream, don't show it. Stay calm, make your offer, and hold on for the ride. Most importantly keep up your hustle if you want a bigger house make more money but don't get more house if you can't afford it.

Repairing A Hustlers Credit- Getting Started

There are all kinds of credit repair tips out there. The reality is that if you have bad credit, there tons of simple solutions. Itís very possible to improve your credit and even completely fix it in a very short time period and saving a lot of money.

How you may ask? Well here are four of the most effective strategies a hustler can use:

 #1) Credit counseling- This will not only give you strategies for better money management, but the company will negotiate with the creditors on your behalf as well. In many instances they can reduce the amount you owe substantially.
Since they are very experienced in the industry, they have a much better chance of negotiating better terms for you than if you were to do it yourself but by any means do not think that you can not do this yourself. You just need to be ok with the name calling the creditor will have on the other end and be patient. The creditors will crack just make sure you don't crack first 

 #2) Look for mistakes on your credit report - One very simple and easy method to quickly improve your credit is to just look over your report. Everybody can get a copy of their report for free at least once every 12 months, so it doesn't cost you a dime.
What if you find errors?
Then just call up the credit bureau and let them know. They will look into it. If they verify that indeed they made a mistake, they will erase it from your report.
This will instantly improve your credit score. And since mistakes are quite common, there's a good chance of this working.
And don't give up.
Even if they donít remove something the first time, keep after them. It might take two to three months, but eventually you can get that erroneous late payment taken off.

 #3) Pay on time- This is one of the simplest methods to raise your credit. It's so obvious it might not seem worth mentioning, but it's one of the most important tips of all.
What if you can't pay on time?
If this isn't possible because you have too much debt, attempt to get a consolidation loan. This might reduce the amount you owe, and it also makes it easier for you to pay them.

 #4) Build up your investments- Instead of spending on things you don't need, start putting a certain percentage of your money away every month for investing. This is easily one of the best methods to repair your credit and quickest.
But be wary of scams.
Remember, there are many firms that go after people with bad credit. They claim they are going to help them you raise your score. But often times they just take your money and disappear.
How do you spot those companies?
Basically, if they charge you a huge upfront fee, you know they are dishonest. Also, if they say to dispute everything on your credit report even if it's right, it's certain they are not legit. They will ask you for money and never pay your bills allowing them to go in default and forcing you to file bankruptcy.
By implementing these tips, one at a time, you can improve your overall credit rating.

The First Step To Investing As A Hustler - Figure It Out Now

There is no question that more people are worried about their finances than ever before. Perhaps they are struggling or, maybe they are a part of this segment of the population that is getting older; the baby boomers. Either way, they know the importance of having enough money on hand to have a more sound financial future. What they need to know is the first step to smart investing.
Investing your money is a smart way to make your money become your top employee. What you may not know is that you don't need a lot of money to start investing. You don't need thousands and thousands of dollars to get your foot in the door. In fact, even a small amount of money say $1000 or less is enough to get started with. What's important is that you actually get started and just do it.
The first step to investing is to determine where you are financially and where you want to be. The best way to do this is to write everything down on paper; that way you have it in front of you in black-and-white. This makes it more factual and there is no second guessing as to where you stand.
You have a few main options when it comes to investing:

 1. Do it yourself online- There are a lot of places that will allow you to invest online, with very little money. You will be able to choose exactly what you want to invest in, but the downside is that you will have to manage your portfolio by yourself. This is fine if you have some financial know-how, and understand that investing is for the long-term. You should also check to see what tools they have available to help you with your investments. There are a few apps you don't need to know what to do. usually if you don't need to get educated then the returns aren't as high.

2 of my favorite apps are Acorn & Betterment 

 2. Do it yourself off-line. - This often scares a lot of people, but it's really not as difficult as it is made out to be. Something as simple as a 401(k) or a Roth IRA are in reality investments. You should still take some time to learn about the basics of investing, and educate yourself on the various options available to you.

 3. Hire a professional.-  This is the traditional way of investing. However, as part of the first step to investing with a professional, you need to check out their qualifications. Don't just assume that because they are willing to handle your investments that they are qualified to do so. Assuming they checked out, your main decision is whether to pay them up front for their services, as a percentage of what they make for you, or whenever you withdraw your money. A professional can help guide you based on their knowledge.

Regardless of which method of investing you choose, it's important to get your financial affairs in order; this includes making smart investments. If you think you can handle yourself, then by all means do so; however, if you would be more comfortable using the services of a professional, then that's the best way to go I recommend using one of Dave Ramsey Smart Money Investors.

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