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Millionaire Investing Club
It's time for your money to clock in. This is where we create our #1 employee ever!
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For Rookie Hustler: Investing In The Stock Market 101

So i'm sure you are wondering what are the basic principles for a rookie hustler investing in the stock market? Investing in the stock market comes down to you digging for those hidden jewels in a company or companies that can raise there value and other people have yet to notice. This will set a rookie hustler to the investment game up to buy shares low and sell shares high at a later date creating the ultimate hustle for generational wealth.  
To help you spot those jewels of hidden value you can either get the help of a subject matter expert who is dedicated to stock market investing or you can learn the hustle yourself and start reading stock market indicators. It is beyond the scope of this article to go into depth about these indicators just know in the simplest way to put it, there are methods of seeing if a stock is following a particular trend either up or down.

Your first time getting into stocks and shares can be confusing for the rookie hustler. Investing in Stocks can be a very profitable hustle so it pays to get educated on some of the basics. After you learn the rookie level to investing, those basic skill sets should become fun to you.

When you get into hustling the Stock market it will often seem confusing and frustrating in the beginning because it is loaded by loads os sh*t you have no clue the meaning of and that's often the hardest part to get by. To overcome the frustrations of learning the terms used in the stock market and all the other sh*t you can buy specialized dictionaries which will explain them in simple terms. This as much as anything will help any new investor gain confidence by letting them in on the "hustlers code".

There are multiple ways of measuring these trends with some becoming extremely difficult but almost all of them are designed to find patterns that show that a stock is worth a little more investigation .
If you are a rookie to investing you may want to consider employing the services of finical advisor and asking them to explain to you how they have come to the conclusions they have. If they aren't willing to teach you about there decisions RUN! You could then try to discover for yourself what made them recommend either buying or selling that individual set of shares by "reverse engineering" using some of the technical indicators. It's always useful with any investment to try to discover the "why" of the investment as this will help you to repeat your successes and avoid your failures again in the future. 
Just a word of warning - be careful though because even for the beginner stock market investing can become addictive! There is a risk involved to all investing so please be sure to invest with a plan, a Hustlers Plan...😁

How Real Estate Investing Works For Hustlers - A Rookie Guide

With the current blow up of social media real estate investors, i'm sure you've been wondering how does it really work. Maybe you are pondering if it's possible for you to still make money in real estate and how. Does real estate investing work in any type of economic climate is another often asked question.
To get the correct answers to these questions, we must think of it in the same manner of any other investing. The answer to the question "How does real estate investing work? 

Don't think to hard it's simply buying low and selling high. Hopefully you can see this same formula goes for any market. 

Now doesn't that sound familiar to you? It sounds pretty much like the stock market doesn't it? If you're investing in stocks you find valuable companies to buy shares in at a low price and wait for the rest of the rest of the world to see what you have seen and drive up the price of shares. 
Don't be fooled all forms of real estate investing at all times uses the exact same principle no matter if it's commercial properties, buy and flip homes or even mobile home parks. You are in search of a gem that will appreciate in value over a period of given time. Of course you have to be sure you have went through every check & balance to avoid buying a lemon but that's the same motto for all investments.
So how does real estate investing work? You now know that it works just like any other type of investing by finding hidden value!

If you take your time and look around you will notice both commercial and residential properties abandoned patiently waiting for a real estate hustler to come and swoop it off the market for pennies on the dollar. Why you may ask, well because few people trust investing in real estate in today's time. But for the savvy hustler that's investing this is like Oprah handing you a car.
Simply by doing your homework and utilizing your time careful checking, you can find some great properties available far a hustlers discount way less than it was a few years ago. Once you are positive the numbers show you can get a good ROI, you can make the purchase hold on and patiently wait for the market to pick up again. You could also consider renting it out for monthly returns, which I highly advise to build your portfolio.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started Investing

For many 1st time investors the common factor that often worries you is "how much money do I need to get started investing?" To get started investing i'm pretty sure you will be surprised when you hear that need anywhere close to what you are thinking. Let's look at it like this to answer the question "how much money do I need to get started investing?" the answer could be as low as thirty five dollars if you pledge to make regular payments into your investment portfolio.

"How much money do I need to get started investing?" in reality it all boils down to what kind of investment you are going to make, what type of risk you are willing to handle. If you are looking to make small regular gains each month with minimum risk then you should consider mutual funds. This allows you to get your investment portfolio started with a very low amount and you will naturally begin to build from there. Please be sure to consider very carefully the charges & fees that you will incur especially with annual minimum balance fees.

Whether you go for the online service or the finical advisor option you must keep in mind that each transaction will incur a fee. Pay close attention to these fees as they have a disproportionately huge effect on your account if you only have small amounts invested. So please keep them in mind when looking to answer the question "How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started Investing?"

If you decide to start your investment portfolio  with a lump sum of cash then the minimum amount you need will differ depending on a few factors. First you need to decide if you want a full service Financial Advisor or do you feel like you can take on this task solo dolo and will make the right decisions. 
If you feel that you need the reassurance of having an advisor then you will generally look to find them looking for you to invest between $3,000 and $5,000 minimum. There are a couple however that will consider working with a minimum balance of just $1,000 but you will need to search around for them.
The internet game is a little different. There are online services where you are responsible for your own investments which will allow you to open accounts with as little as $500. Of course this will help you to get started in the market faster and the returns can be higher but you need to be extremely confident in your decisions as well as have extreme discipline.

Managing Your Money Easily Explained For A Hustler

#1 Why Managing Your Money Is Important and What It All Boils Down To

Managing money is something not talked about growing up in the black household and many other ethnicities. Missing that knowledge leads to a lack of confidence that brings a lot of confusion and overwhelm when it comes to finances as an adult. They soon find themselves stuck in a trap living check to check every Friday praying to God it all works out. Yet managing your money is something that anybody with sense can do. You don't need a college education or some accounting certs. You don't need to know any other information outside of managing your money is about controlling your spending and knowing where your money is going each and every day. 

There are three pillars to easy money management.

1. Know What Your Total Income
Before you start anything you need to know exactly how much money you have coming in. This is your paycheck and any other side hustles you have generating money. For example, you probably money coming in from your tax returns for 2019. You may have money coming in from crypto, stocks, interest on your savings accounts or other investments. Hell you may have income from royalties, affiliate sales, rideshare, and other part-time income.
2. Know What You Are Spending
The next smartest component of managing your money, i'm sure you know what's next, it is to know what you are spending your money on. YES we are talking about those expenses. This means everything from your rent, food, home supplies and gas money, to your phone bill and the money that you spend on entertainment. EVERYTHING
It's important to know how you spend your money. Ultimately, that gives you the information to make the best decisions for you and your financial goals.
3. A Hustlers Financial Goals
The 3rd & main component of managing your money is setting financial goals. These goals can be as simple as making sure you have enough to pay your bills every month. The larger and more exciting goals are things like:
* Buying a  new car
* Saving for an emergency fund
* Overseas vacation 
* Retirement savings
So the 3 fundamental components of managing your money are to know what your total income coming in, know what you spending on, and know what goals you want to accomplish. That doesn't seem complicated at all, right? It's pretty much basic, easy and you definitely don't need a college degree to understand these concepts. Neither do you need an education on how to set up systems to support you with these three components of managing your money. 

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